Over Tosca


Welcome to my webshop, TOSCA.STORE! I'm Tosca Mitkowska, a screenwriter and illustrator. I believe in the power of colours and shapes. For a long time, I felt a bit silly about this, but I really feel that a simple line can convey a wealth of meaning. A line on paper can capture an emotion, tell a story, or convey a message. That's what I consider art: the ability to say something greater than what is initially apparent.


I created TOSCA.STORE to showcase my own artwork to a larger audience. As a creator, I have encountered numerous talented artists whose works are often hidden away in drawers and remain unseen by others. That's why I decided to create a platform where I can share my own artistic creations with the world. I believe that art has the power to evoke emotions, tell stories, and convey messages that resonate with people. At Tosca.store, you will find unique and original pieces of art that I have created, each with its own story to tell. Thank you for joining me on this creative journey, and I hope you find something that speaks to you.


Since 2012, I've been working as a comic artist, writer, and illustrator. I also teach screenwriting and run a design agency called the Ministerie van Smaak (Ministry of Taste), which specialises in modern logo-printed workwear.


Several of my T-shirt lines, including the "Insulin is key" collection, stem from my own experience with type 1 diabetes. To cope, I have always turned to art. For each T-shirt sold in this line, 20% goes to a fund that supports people with diabetes. There are various funds to choose from, each contributing in their own way to making life with diabetes more comfortable, now or in the future.

Thank you for visiting my webshop! I hope you find something enchanting.